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I am a second-year Ph.D student in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego working with Dr. Scott Klemmer. My research focus is in human-computer interaction. I am interested in peer learning and exploring ways to improve peer interactions in online and offline educational settings to understand how these interactions impact learning. Ultimately, my research aims to leverage technology to empower peers to teach and learn from each other.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at UC Berkeley in 2013 and worked in a cognitive neuroscience lab at Stanford University prior to entering graduate school. When not in lab, I enjoy playing video games, swimming, and exploring San Diego coffee shops and restaurants.
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  • Evans, Tanya M., Kochalka, John, Ngoon, Tricia J., Wu, Sarah, Qin, Shaozheng, Battista, Christian,& Menon, Vinod. (2015). Brain Structural Integrity and Intrinsic Functional Connectivity Forecasts 6-Year Longitudinal Growth in Children’s Numerical Abilities. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(33). 11743-11750. (PDF)

  • Extended Abstracts

  • Ngoon, Tricia J. & Dow, Steven P. (2016) The Motivating Value of Choice in Peer Feedback. Under Review.
  • Ngoon, Tricia J., Gamero-Garrido, Alexander, & Klemmer, Scott. (2016) Supporting Peer Instruction with Evidence-Based Online Instructional Templates. Work-in-Progress presented at the 3rd ACM Conference on Learning at Scale. (PDF)
  • Ngoon, Tricia J., Chen, Rachel, Deutsch, Amit, & Lip, Sean. (2016). Oppia: A Community of Peer Learners to Make Conversational Learning Experiences. Demo presented at the 19th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Work & Social Computing. (PDF)
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    Email: tngoon@ucsd.edu
    LinkedIn: /triciangoon

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