About Tricia

I am a second-year Ph.D student in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego working with Dr. Scott Klemmer. I am fascinated by how we as humans learn and develop expertise. I develop and evaluate tools and principles that aim to help novices develop into experts by scaffolding learning and relational thinking.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at UC Berkeley and worked in a cognitive neuroscience lab at Stanford University prior to entering graduate school. When not in burying my head in research, I enjoy playing video games, exploring the San Diego food and beer scene, and attempting to exercise.
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  • Tanya M. Evans, John Kochalka, Tricia J. Ngoon, Sarah Wu, Shaozheing Qin, Christian Battista, & Vinod Menon. (2015). Brain Structural Integrity and Intrinsic Functional Connectivity Forecasts 6-Year Longitudinal Growth in Children’s Numerical Abilities. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(33). 11743-11750.

  • Extended Abstracts

  • C. Ailie Fraser, Tricia J. Ngoon, Ariel Weingarten, Mira Dontcheva, & Scott Klemmer. (2017). CritiqueKit: A Mixed-Initiative, Real-Time Interface for Improving Feedback. Demo to be presented at the 30th ACM Conference on User Interface Software & Technology.
  • Tricia J. Ngoon, Alexander Gamero-Garrido, & Scott Klemmer. (2016). Supporting Peer Instruction with Evidence-Based Online Instructional Templates. Work-in-Progress presented at the 3rd ACM Conference on Learning at Scale.
  • Tricia J. Ngoon, Rachel Chen, Amit Deutsch, & Sean Lip. (2016). Oppia: A Community of Peer Learners to Make Conversational Learning Experiences. Demo presented at the 19th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Work & Social Computing.